The tinctures by Healing Sacrament are some of the best I’ve ever had. Their medicine provides such a nice compliment to the day. I know it is being sourced and manufactured in a sacred and sustainable way. Knowing they are blessed with prayer and good intention keeps me in balance and as a returning customer.

– Tyler F., San Diego,  4 year customer

Peace and love elder, my grandmother loved the bottle of CBD you blessed me with, so I’ll be back continually. Give thanks for life.

– Aton, Victorville Ca.  

“I couldn’t believe the feeling of calm and relaxation that I felt using the Harmony Remedy Rolls. My anxiety melted away!!”

– Guy B, Green Bay, WI

“The herbs and CDB in the Remedy Rolls we got at One Health WI are the best we’ve ever tried.
The quality of the product helped my anxiety and I’ve already been a repeat customer. Highly recommend!!”

– Tom A., WI

“Thank you for the CBD oil that I acquired thru my son Aaron. I had a total knee replacement in April of 2017. My physical therapist explained to me I was  suffering from a case of Arthrofibrosis post surgery. The tissue that was healing was very tight and adhering to the bone. I was put on a round of steroids to help increase mobility. It did work but was only good for one week. Aaron was visiting and had some of your oil. The minute the oil touched my skin I felt a loosing of the tissue and I was able to continue to work my mobility. The side benefit was watching the scar tissue heal literally before my eyes. Thank you for creating such a great healing product. I don’t know where I would have been without. My worst fear was not to be able to resume my active life style. Your oil has given me back the quality of life I was use to.”

– Many blessings Skip K., Pennsylvania  

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